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This is the spur page to the more recent think pieces I have penned, which are part of a weekly series of 500-800word essays:

October 12, 2020: Tiers for Fears: Sorting Signals from Noise

October 5, 2020: Joseph Kony’s Llama: Flat Earth Truths Amongst a Sea of Plandemics

September 30, 2020: Society as Ecology: Oven-Ready Resilience or More Vulnerable than we think?

September 22, 2020: Commodification and Depreciation: The worker in 2020.

September 14, 2020: Returning to nature: child-like states and social psychology

September 8, 2020: The importance of being strategic.

August 14, 2020: In a crisis, what is meant by policy failure?

June 5, 2020: Trust in Interstate Intelligence Sharing

March 19 2020: COVID-19, Home-schooling, Confinement and Risk

Legacy posts:

June 4, 2018: Turning the Screw on Counterterrorism Policy: Savid Javid’s speech – 4th June 2018

March 12 2018: Evaluating Salisbury – Crisis Communications

March 22, 2016: Misreading the Attacks on Brussels

January 20, 2016: Bear Market and Risk

November 23, 2015: SDSR 2015: A Balanced Platform and an Old Vision

November 19, 2015: Security Politics

June 15, 2015: Brexit and the City: an issue of security?

December 8, 2014: Innovation (and the conditions necessary for it to happen)

December 4, 2014: The Internet of Things: A Consumer Revolution or Security Dilemma?

July 30, 2014: Where now for accelerators?

July 3, 2014: University enterprise: what is it good for? (Absolutely something!)


Published by Rob Dover

Senior Lecturer in Intelligence and International Security at University of Leicester

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