This page briefly describes what I’ve done in the realms of university management (known in our world as ‘admin’), and also in externally funded research (third stream income).

Loughborough University:

* Director of the Glendonbrook Institute for Enterprise Development (May 2014 – September 2015 )

* Associate Dean for Enterprise, Loughborough University in London (LUiL) (June 2013 – February 2015)

* EPSRC sponsored ‘LEADeR champion’ (October 2012- April 2013)

* Member of Senate (2010-2014)

* Member of the Joint Senate-Council Human Resources Committee (2012-2015)

* Negotiator on the Academic and Related Staff Negotiating Committee (2010-11)

* Member of University restructuring sub-committee (2010-11)

* Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes (2009-)

* Loughborough University’s ECPR Representative (2007-)

* Secretary of the ECPR’s Standing Group on the European Union (2007-)

King’s College London

* Member of Academic Board (2006-7)

* Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes (2006-7)

University of Bristol

* Deputy Director, Governance Research Centre (2003-6)

* Delegate to the Joint Negotiating Committee (2005)

External Examining Roles

Aberystwyth University (2010-2014)

London Metropolitan University (2004-2009)


2015 – Judge for Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Awards

2015 – Member of the LV= Member Panel

Third Stream Income:

* At the University of Bristol, part of my job role was facilitating  and supporting the third stream income efforts of colleagues. My tenure coincided with a very large increase to the third stream income into the Department of Politics. I secured and delivered two consultancy projects to the European Parliament and one to Oxford Analytica, during this time, as well as acting as an advisor to the UK MoD.

* Also at the University of Bristol, I secured funding and delivered research based events for NATO (2004-5), for DFID on arms control, (2005), and secured an Institute for Advanced Studies grant to bring visiting scholars to the university.


* CI on a major Horizon 2020 grant, held at Loughborough University.

* Michael Goodman and I won a successor grant to continue and expand the ‘Learning Lessons from the Secret Past’ project – August 2014.

* Michael Goodman and I won an AHRC grant titled ‘Learning Lessons from the Secret Past’ – March 2011, which finished in May 2013.

* I held, with Philip Davies (Brunel) an ESRC Research Workshops Grant for a series of events titled ‘Intelligence into the 21st Century’ (2008-9)

* My PhD was funded by the ESRC Doctoral Research Scheme (2000-3).

* As a matter of routine I apply twice yearly for research council, or charity grants. In this last academic session I applied for British Academy, and ESRC grants.


* I have held multiple consultancy contracts with clients in the United States, the European Parliament, and British industry.


I have provided evidence to the House of Commons, and to the European Parliament.


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