AHRC – History and Policy Series

These are the publication outputs from the AHRC Series that Michael S. Goodman and I convene, which links up scholars and public policy officials.

From the AHRC hosting page:

“Islamic, Independent, Perfect and Strong” – Parsing the Taliban’s Strategic Intentions, 2001-2011 – by Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn.

Terrorism and the Media – by Alexander Spencer.

Dissident Irish Republicans and British Security – by Aaron Edwards

Post-Mubarak developments within the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – by Lorenzo Vidino.

Religious Education and Training Provided by Madrassas – by Sarah Ashraf

Assessing the Merits of Covert Intervention: Lessons from British Experiences in South Arabia– by Dr Rory Cormac

Adapting to the ‘Arab Spring’ – by Dr Kun-Chin Lin and Professor Rory Miller

Social Unrest in the Arab World: What did We Miss– by Timo Behr

Understanding instability: Lessons from the ‘Arab Spring’ – by Florence Gaub



The ‘Lessons Learnt’ project was originally funded by a grant from King’s College London. In May and June 2010 Rob Dover and Michael Goodman, with AHRC funding, ran a series of 5 policy seminars on Lessons Learnt from the History of British Intelligence and Security. These were held in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Cabinet Office, King’s College London and The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

This current project aims to build upon the 2010 seminars, improving and developing the relationship between researchers and government via the production of research and briefing papers, and seminars held in Whitehall. The primary impact is on improving national security, achieved via academics contributing to the development of the government’s analytical capability.

The project is split into two halves:

• Highlighting historical examples of good analysis.
• Improving understanding of regions of current interest.

Leading academics have been specially commissioned to produce research and briefing papers for a Whitehall audience. This publication series reproduces the reports.


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