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I publish broadly under the headings of British defence, intelligence and European security. I have focussed more closely on the defence and intelligence recently, and dropped off my European security interests a little. You can’t look at the arms trade without being a little bit interested in Europe though, so it is still an interest:

‘The World’s Second Oldest Profession: The Transatlantic Spying Scandal and its Aftermath’, The International Spectator, Vol.49, No.2, 2014, pp.117-133.

(with Wyn Bowen and Michael S. Goodman), ‘Intelligence and Nuclear Proliferation: An Introduction to the Special Edition’, Intelligence and National Security, Vol.29, No. 3, 2014, pp.315-323.

(co-authored with Mark Phythian), The Politics of the SDSR: Centralisation and Cuts, The Political Quarterly, Vol.83, Number 1, 2011, pp.163-171.

(co-authored with Mark Phythian), Lost over Libya: The 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review – an obituary, Defence Studies, Vol.11, Number 3, 2011, pp.420-444.

‘Britain, Europe and Defence in the Post-Industrial Age’, in Defence and Security Analysis, Vol.27, No.1, March 2011, pp.19-30.

‘Lost in Translation: The EU, Russia, and the Crisis in Georgia’ in the Journal of International Affairs (Moscow), Vol.54, October 2008, pp.29-36.

‘The EU’s Immigration Policy. A Securitization Too Far’, Journal of European Integration 30 (1), 2008, pp. 113-130.

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‘For Queen and Company – The Role of Intelligence in the UK’s Arms Trade’. Political Studies 55 (4), 2007, 683-708). (Winner of the PSA’s Wilfrid Harrison Prize, awarded April 2008; Recommended in the 2007 reading guide of the think-tank ‘Analyst Centre’; and it was reprinted in a virtual issue of Political Studiesas a special issue dedicated to Harrison Prize winners. More recently, it was cited in a sustained way throughout a piece by Jeremy Horder titled, ‘On her Majesty’s Commercial Service: Bribery, Public Officials, and the UK intelligence services, The Modern Law Review, 74(6), pp.911-931.

‘The EU’s Joint Actions on Anti-Personnel Mines and Unexploded Ordnance: Finding a Security Policy Identity’. European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol.11, No.4, 2006, pp.401-17.

‘A Silent Debate: The Role of intelligence in the UK Arms Trade’ – –International Journal of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, Vol.19, No.1, 2006, pp.110-119.

‘The Prime Minister and Core Executive: A Liberal Intergovernmentalist reading of the Europeanization of British defence policy (1997-2000)’ –British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.7, No.4, 2005, pp.508-525

‘The EU and the Bosnian Civil War 1992–95: The Capabilities–Expectations Gap at the Heart of EU Foreign Policy’ – European Security, Vol.14, No.3, 2005, pp.297-318.

Special Issues: 

June 2014- A special issue of Intelligence and National Security, on nuclear intelligence, edited with Wyn Bowen and Michael S. Goodman.

Editorial Board Memberships: 

SAGE Open (January 2013 – )

International Journal of Intelligence History (2013-present)


In the course of the last four years I have undertaken peer review of journal articles and manuscripts for the following:

* Journal of Common Market Studies

* Political Studies

* Review of International Studies

* British Journal of International Studies

* Foreign Policy Analysis

* Intelligence and National Security

* The International Spectator

* Cooperation and Conflict

* Critical Studies on Terrorism

* Millennium

* The Journal of Applied Philosophy

* Journal of International Relations and Development

* European Foreign Affairs Review

* Journal of Contemporary European Studies

* Cambridge Review of International Relations

* Critical Studies on Terrorism

* Sage Open


* Oxford University Press

* Palgrave MacMillan

* Hurst & Co / Columbia UP

* Routledge


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