Other articles & book reviews

These are either articles which weren’t peer reviewed, or which appeared outside of the typical RAE list, and the book reviews I’ve written. In addition to this, Michael Goodman and I have become the series editors for the AHRC’s Security and Intelligence publication series, which falls within a broad ambit of an agenda to connect history with policy.

The NSA, Snowden and the Media‘, hosted on e-IR, 14 January 2014.

Fit for the Future? The UK Government’s plans for a Reserve Army’, World Defence Systems, Issue 1, 2013, pp.16-17

‘Making an impact on security and intelligence’, International Studies Today, Vol.2, No.1, 2012, p.7

‘Handing over the keys…’ (with John Gearson), in the Defence Management Journal, Issue 58, September 2012, pp.124-7.

Defence and Security in a Cold Economic Climate: The Impact on Conflict and Competition’, in Chris Donnelly (Ed), The British Army 2012, NewsDeskMedia/MoD, 2012.

‘Procuring Failure? The Politics of Defence Procurement in 2012′, World Defence Systems, Issue 1, 2012, pp.24-6.

‘DIO Hazards..’ (with John Gearson), Defence Management Journal, Issue 54, September 2011, pp.107-8.

‘SDSR and the path to transformation’ in Chris Donnelly (Ed) The British Army 2011: A Balance of Capabilities for an Unpredictable World, NewsDeskMedia/Ministry of Defence, July 2011, pp.92-96. (http://www.newsdeskmedia.com/The_British_Army_2011?category=)

Newspaper Opinion Piece: The Fresh Outlook – The Death of Bin Laden, May 11 2011.

“The SDSR: What Now for the British Defence Industry?’ in World Defence Systems, December 2010.

“Anti-Arms Trade Activism, the Defence Industry and the next four years’ in World Defence Systems, December 2009.

With Michael S. Goodman (KCL), Spooks and Hacks: Blood Brothers, British Journalism Review, 20(4), December 2009, pp.55-62.

‘Bridging the Gap? The Relationship between Defence Manufacturers and Academia’, in World Defence Systems, September 2009.

‘Changing the Game? The Prospects for Asymmetric Acquisition’ in World Defence Systems, February 2009

‘The Securitization of EU Policies: Trends and Comparisons’ in Jacki Davis (Ed), Challenge Europe: Is Big Brother Watching You? And Who is Watching Big Brother?‘ European Policy Centre, December 2008, pp.89-96

‘The British Presidency of the EU (2005): Stasis, Anxiety and Partial Victories’ (translated into Russian) – Vestnik Analitiki (Analytical Messenger,The Journal of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Analysis, Moscow), Vol.6, No.2, 2006, pp.84-98.

Book Reviews

‘Spying on the World: The Declassified Documents of the Joint Intelligence Committee, by Richard Aldrich, Rory Cormac and Michael Goodman’, EUP:2014, in Political Studies Review, 13/4, 2015, pp.604-5

‘National intelligence and science: beyond the great divide in analysis and policy’. By Wilhelm Agrell and Gregory F. Treverton. in International Affairs, 91: (2015) pp.1173–1175.

‘The end of intelligence: espionage and state power in the information age’. By David Tucker. International Affairs, 91: (2015) pp.637–638

‘Security in Cyberspace: Targeting Nations, Infrastructures, Individuals’, by Giampiero Giacomello (Ed), Bloomsbury: London, 2014 in. European Journal of Communication

Ben Sutherland (Ed), Modern Warfare, Intelligence and Deterrence, 2011, in International Affairs, Vol.88, No.4, 2012, pp.888-889

Rob Johnson, The Afghan Way of War, Hurst and Company, 2011, in International Affairs, Vol.88, No.4, 2012, pp.921-922.

Gordon Thomas, Inside British Intelligence, JR Books, 2009, in Defence Studies, Vol. 11, No.2, 2011,  pp.376-378.

Review essay covering: Robert Jervis, Why Intelligence Fails, Columbia, 2010; Gregory Treverton, Intelligence for an Age of Terror, Cambridge, 2009, Graham & Hansen, Preventing Catastrophe, Stanford, 2009, in International Affairs (forthcoming November 2010)

Richard Aldrich, GCHQ, HarperPress, 2010, in International Affairs (forthcoming September 2010)

Lisa Watanabe, Securing Europe, Palgrave MacMillan, 2010 in Journal of European Contemporary Studies (forthcoming December 2010)

Jeffrey T Richelson, Defusing Armageddon, WW Norton, 2009, in Diplomacy and Statecraft, 21(3) 2010, pp.537-539.

Michael Goodman, Spying on the Bear, Stanford University Press, 2007, in the Journal of Strategic Studies, 32(5), 2009, 799-801.

Gordon Corera, Shopping for Bombs, Hurst and Company, 2006, in the Journal of Strategic Studies, vol. 31, no. 2, 2008, 333-335.

Hazel Smith, European Union Foreign Policy: What it is and What it Does, Pluto Press, 2002. In European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol.8, No.3, 2003, pp.417-8.

Kjell Goldman, Transforming the European Nation State, Sage, 2001, in European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol.9, No.3, 2004.

Jolyon Howarth & John Keeler, Defending Europe, Palgrave, 2003, in Journal of European Affairs, Vol.3, No.3, 2004.


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